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Birthdate:Jul 24
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hello! This is/will be a fannish and personal journal, depending on my mood. As such, it is partially flcoked, but all fic & fannery shall remain public.

If you wish to say hi, you may do so here, it would be lovely to hear from you, particularly if we haven't exchanged comments yet. Certainly, if you haven't commented on something of mine or introduced yourself, don't expect me to friend back - if you have, I probably will (though I won't friend back to empty journals). It is also where I have a slightly more informative bio of myself, for those who wish to snoop. I warn you in advance, I am a bit of a pretentious old tosser, so don't mind me if I start regurgitating the thesaurus at you, it's just what I do. Similarly, I rather like the sound of my own voice (or the sight of my own writing? whatever the equivalent is...) and I am highly allergic to brevity, so if you attempt to engage me in conversation, I might start throwing thousand-word replies at you.

All my fic can be found here, on my account at AO3 or under this tag. I have a metric bitchload of bookmarks on my delicious account - mainly Merlin fics, but you may find the odd thing from other fandoms. It gets updated fairly regularly with details on wips, particularly those that I'm following.

I am a bit of a slut, so feel free to friend me, de-friend me, use me and dump me in the street afterwards. Jump into any/all discussions as you wish, though try not the be a complete arse if you can help it.

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